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Ginger Gold (aka Whiskers) is one of the Apple Dumpling Gang pups. Her mom is a pinto Anatolian Shepherd who is an excellent LGD, and dad is a Komondor, also an excellent LGD. These pups were born on a small homestead in the Texas hill country with a few goats, LOTS of chickens, geese, and turkeys, plus a few other types of livestock. Since coming to Windsong Ranch, they have continued to be exposed to our goats, though we don't leave them in the pasture unsupervised because they are still young.

We haven't weighed the pups in a couple of months, and they are definitely growing like weeds. Our best guess based on her growth so far, is that Whiskers may weigh 70-80 lbs by the time she reaches adulthood. Her dad is over 100 lbs, and her mom was still lean at 80 lbs when she was adopted, so it's possible she may grow larger than our estimate.

If you're looking for a friendly companion for your home or homestead, complete the application on our website.


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