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In late 2022, a family of 7 Akbash dogs were found as strays and trapped in Emory, Texas - 2 adults and 5 pups. Liesl is one of the pups from this litter.

Liesl is young, big, and lean and it can be hard to tell the 3 sisters apart, they look so much alike. Liesl and her sister Brigitta have not made as much progress in their socialization as sister Gretl has. Liesl seems a little more willing to accept human affection. Both sisters have enjoyed playing with some of the dogs that live in their same area.

Liesl gets along well with other dogs, and is house-trained and crate-trained.

Momma Maria and the 3 sisters Gretl, Liesl, and Brigitta will be adopted out as companion animals and not livestock guardians. If Liesl sounds like the perfect dog for you, please submit your application today!

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