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In late 2022, a family of 7 Akbash dogs were found as strays and trapped in Emory, Texas - 2 adults and 5 pups. Gretl is one of the pups from this litter.

Gretl is young, big, and lean. Gretl is not as outgoing with people as her mom Maria is, but she has made much more progress in her socialization than her sisters have made. Gretl had an injury to her front right paw -- we're not sure if she was bitten by a spider or snake? Whatever it was, caused her whole paw to swell up terribly and it was definitely infected. We couldn't find a wound track or a foreign body, so we felt like it must have been a bite of some kind. Gretl made many visits to the vet for treatment, and all those trips were good for her socialization and leash-walking skills.

Gretl gets along well with other dogs, and is house-trained and crate-trained, though we haven't kept her in a crate in several months because it hasn't been necessary. Gretl enjoys attention from her people, but she doesn't seek it out -- that might come with time.

Momma Maria and the 3 sisters Gretl, Liesl, and Brigitta will be adopted out as companion animals and not livestock guardians. If Gretl sounds like the perfect dog for you, please submit your application today!

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