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Della has been living in a pasture with Nigerian Dwarf goats and 3 other livestock guardian dogs. She seems to be a competent LGD and gets along with the other dogs. She has become somewhat more friendly when meeting new people, but still isn't as outgoing as her companion Paul Drake.


We pulled Della Street from one of our local shelters, along with Perry Mason and Paul Drake. Based on comments made on social media posts by folks in the area where they were picked up, we think that these 3 were working livestock guardian dogs.

So far, we can tell you that Della is much more shy than her companions Perry Mason and Paul Drake. She is very playful with other dogs, but shy with people. She actually seems to like Hobbes better than she likes her original companions which makes us wonder whether Mason and Drake are her brothers and she finds them annoying. :)

She hasn't spent as much time in the pasture as some of our other foster dogs have, but she has always behaved well. She gets along well with other dogs and is always respectful to our alpha LGDs.

If you would like to make Della part of your family, please submit your application here.

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