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Genny was a stray dog roaming in a semi-rural area southeast of Dallas, who showed up one day with an injured leg. When we took Genny to see our vet, x-rays showed that her leg was full of pellets, presumably from a shotgun blast. One of the pellets went almost all the way through the bone, but it wasn't an injury that could be corrected with surgery.  She needed crate rest while her leg healed, so she has very good manners in the crate.

In spite of the fact that people haven't been kind to her in the past, Genny is very sweet and loves people.  She is house/potty-trained and crate-trained. She gets along well with other dogs and is very playful. She loves going on adventures and meeting new people. She pulls on the leash in her excitement to explore everything, so she will definitely benefit from more practice leash-walking.

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