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Betsie Ten Boom is such a beautiful pup! And she's just as sweet as she is pretty. We pulled Betsie and her sisters Corrie and Nollie from one of our local shelters when they were in CODE RED status with crates stacked in the halls, trying to avoid having to euthanize any dogs for no reason other than lack of space. Corrie has been adopted, but her sisters Betsie and Nollie are still looking for their forever homes.

The family who adopted Betsie's sister Corrie did a Wisdom Panel DNA test which shows Corrie to be 46% Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler), 39% Great Pyrenees, and then 3% or less of a few other breeds. We're thinking that perhaps mom is a Heeler/Pyrenees mix, since all three sisters have some Heeler characteristics, including Betsie's merle coat. The sisters look different enough from each other that it's possible they each had a different dad.

Betsie plays well with other dogs and doesn't discriminate based on sex or size. She happily sleeps in a crate every night, but she is also reliable to have free roam of the house overnight. She hasn't had any potty accidents in the house, but because she's young, we do make a point of giving her plenty of breaks to play and potty in the yard. We are working with her on leash-training, but we never have enough time to do as much training as we would like, so she will definitely need more practice. Still, she walks reasonably well for a dog who doesn't get much practice on a leash.

Betsie is a very sweet girl who seems eager to please. She has learned the OFF command and has learned to sit for her meals and for treats. She is motivated both by treats and affection, and that usually helps with training, so if you enroll her in obedience training, Betsie should be a star pupil.

Betsie goes into our chicken yard almost daily and behaves very well. She actually seems very protective of our chickens, and will put herself between another dog and the chickens if she doesn't trust the other dog to behave nicely.

Betsie is waiting to become part of a family! If you would like her to be a part of YOUR family, please fill out our application today at

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